The activity in the current facilities of Bodegas Quiroga de Pablo began in the middle of the nineteenth century. José Quiroga, his wife Bibiana Osorio and their eldest son Cayo Quiroga started making wine in the“calado”,an arched ston evat 8 to 10 metres below ground.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Juan, son of Cayo, extended the “calado” and built an exit to the lower part of the hills, where later on the most recent and modern facilities of the winery were built.

The tradition of viticulture and winemaking were kept up during the third and fourth generation (Mariano y Cayo Quiroga). The best vineyards were chosen and the installations were extended because of the experience gained year by year.

With Juan José, fifth generation, who is married with María Teresa de Pablo, the wine cellar was extended again combining modern technology and knowledge about winemaking. In 2000, the wine cellar is provided with the new installations.

Juan Luis, Diego y Maite

Sons of de Juan José and María Teresa 

Then, it is when the innovation to control the wine elaboration and the family traditions are combined in Bodegas Quiroga de Pablo in order to obtain unique wines.

At present, it is us, the three children of Juan José and María Teresa, Juan Luis, Diego and Maite, from the 6th generation who are in charge of the winery and the vineyards, gathering family traditions with the technical training required to keep updated with the trends in the current wine market.

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