Project Description

Grape variety: Tempranillo.

Grapes: The best grapes selected from our oldest vines. We go around these wine yards by executing a manual vintage in boxes and by selecting exhaustively just single berry bunches with maturation and health in optimum condition.

Alcohol content: 13.5 %

Vinification: Destemmed grapes, perfermentative maceration in cool, fermentation in controlled temperature. Punched down and pumped over daily, “delestage” every two days. Maceration is extended until obtaining desired poly phenols extraction.

Malolactic Fermentation:  in oak barrels.

Aging: 18 to 24 months in American and French oak barrels from every selected lumber.  Racking every six months. After the aging in barrels, will feature the “coupage” or mixture of wine from different barrels of the same vintage. The “coupage” is matured in concrete tanks in the cool and undisturbed depths of our underground cellar.

Tanks and inimitable environmental conditions of the set, allowing the wine to continue its proper maturation and increase in quality.

Tasting notes:

Very intense black berry red colour, with good depth. Very expresive, and elegant wine with ripe fruit aromas, dark chocolate and balsamic, complemented with aromas of fine wood. Very complex on the mouth, silky, harmonious and well balanced. Rounded tannins, long, complex and persistent aftertaste. Great and elegant retro nasal via.

 Serving temperature: 16-18ºC

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