From the heart of our underground cellar with vaulted ceilings, Bodegas

Quiroga de Pablo creates a distinguished aging process by coupling a strong sense of family tradition with an innovative control of the wine production.

Our history of attention to detail gives a unique touch to our wines.

The “Coupage” is matured in concrete tanks in the cool and undisturbed depths of our underground cellar.

After the aging in barrels, will feature the “coupage” or mixture of wine from different barrels of the same vintage. With this mix you get a more complex wine which appreciates the contributions of the different types of existing barrels in our cellar (different oak, toast…)

This “coupage” is matured in concrete tanks of our depth underground. Tanks and inimitable environmental conditions of the set, allowing the wine to continue its proper maturation and increase quality (this is an abortion if the wine will be stored in tanks which do not allow “breathing” to wine, such as deposits stainless steel or fiberglass).

The absence of noise and vibration is absolute. Thanks to the sum of all these features, impossible to replicate in a industrial warehouse, wine evolves very slowly and in complete rest, giving rise to a unique product.

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